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Electrical and Structural Engineering Services in Denver, CO

Blue Line Logic is more of an idea than a company. An idea that engineering is about serving our clients. An idea that our clients need us to manage their resources responsibly. An idea that those closest to a problem are the ones best suited to solve that problem and should be empowered to develop the best solution. An idea that we’re all on the same team with our clients and contractors, making sure that projects are completed properly.

Based in Denver, CO, Blue Line Logic blends practical hands-on experience with theoretical knowledge, ensuring that every project exceeds expectations. Our unique approach involves not just designing but also troubleshooting with advanced field equipment to address the root causes of complex electrical challenges.

Hands-on Electrical Engineering Solutions

We understand that engineering isn't just about plans on paper. It's about facing real-world challenges head-on. That's why our team, led by Brett Board, PE, offers comprehensive electrical engineering designs and services. With expertise in areas like medium and low voltage power system design, arc flash analysis, and harmonic mitigation, we ensure your electrical systems are efficient, safe, and compliant. Our approach involves proactive problem-solving, identifying potential issues in the design phase to avoid future complications.

Advanced Testing for Reliable Results

Our commitment to excellence is backed by state-of-the-art test equipment. We don't just guess; we measure, analyze, and resolve. Whether it's tackling odd electrical problems or ensuring the reliability of your systems, our field readings provide the insights needed for effective solutions. From power factor correction to large motor starting, our expertise covers a wide range of needs, ensuring your electrical systems perform optimally.

Structural Engineering with a Personal Touch

Kevin Wasli, PE, brings over 29 years of accomplished experience in structural, soils, forensic, and civil engineering. Our structural and civil engineering services cater to a wide spectrum of projects – whether it's new constructions, renovations, or complex residential structures. Our expertise in building design with various materials, from concrete to wood, and experience in water treatment and distribution structures, ensures your project stands on a solid foundation.

Building Lasting Relationships

What sets us apart is not just our technical prowess but our commitment to building lasting relationships. We understand that successful projects are the result of collaboration. We work closely with clients, vendors, and contractors, ensuring every project is a testament to shared goals and mutual respect.

Your vision deserves the best engineering solutions. Whether you're facing an intricate electrical challenge or embarking on a structural engineering project, we're here to help. Contact us to get started.

At Blue Line Logic we listen to our clients and pride ourselves on quality projects that exceed expectations.