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Kevin Wasli has more than 29 years accomplished experience in Structural, Soils, Forensic, and Civil Engineering.

  • More than 29 years accomplished experience in Structural, Soils, Forensic, and Civil Engineering
  • Projects of various sizes and complexity including new construction, renovations, and additions
  • Production of construction documents; specifications, drawings, and calculations for industrial, commercial, and residential projects
  • Building design and construction experience with concrete, precast concrete, steel, masonry, and wood
  • Oil and Gas Structures
  • Foundation design including retaining walls with geofoam, debris flow protection walls, structures founded on micropile, and deep foundations for industrial plants
  • Water Treatment and Distribution structures
  • Complex residential structures
  • Completed site visits and provided construction support
  • Experience maintaining and developing relationships with clients, vendors, and contractors


Anadarko Central Oil Stabilization Facility, Weld County CO (Senior Structural Engineer: 2015)

Completed the construction documents for a large oil stabilization facility. Performed the structural analysis and design for the structures including the structural steel pipe rack and cable tray supports, generator foundations, and control building foundations. Wrote the structural specifications. Reviewed the structural steel shop drawings. Directed the completion of the drawings. Designs were accomplished using Process Industry Practices (PIP) Standards.

EFPI-5 Easterly WWTP Aerated Grit Project, Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District, Cleveland, OH. (Senior Structural Engineer: 2012)

Analysis and design of a large 100’x150’ replacement grit tank and pipe galleries. The structure was supported on ACIP piles. The analysis of the concrete structures was accomplished using RISA 3D. Design of the ACIP piles accounted for a large uplift force due to high ground water. The grit tank was attached to a Facilities Building design by others via a shared concrete wall. This required careful coordination with another structural engineer and architect. Served as a member of the design team and coordinated the structures with other disciplines. Construction support was provided by answering contractor questions, RFI’s, and submittals.

Mayflower Tailing Pond Decant Replacement Design, Climax Mine, Leadville CO (Senior Structural Engineer: 2011)

Analysis and design of a series of intake and drop structures to route a 400 cfs flood flow around the tailing pond dam. The structures included several side hill intakes, drop structures, and a stilling basin. Participated in developing the scope of work and the cost estimate. Served as a member of the design team and coordinated the structures with other disciplines. Created a PowerPoint slide presentation of the project.

Rocky Pen Run Reservoir Pump Station, Stafford County, VA (Senior Structural Engineer: 2011)

Responsibilities included reinforced concrete analysis and design, and specification writing. The project involved a 70’x40’ pre-engineered metal building to be supplied by others on a foundation design by URS. The building housed three pumps, a bridge crane, and a mechanical electrical room. The design of these types of buildings was researched to determine the loads to be applied. A preliminary design of the metal building was completed to determine the reactions to be applied to the foundation. To complete the foundation, design a stability analysis, and a structural analysis were completed. Direction was given to an engineering technician to complete the concrete outline and reinforcement drawings as well as drafting of details. The specification for the metal building was written. Comments were provided concerning the specifications for the concrete, grating, and CMU was reviewed.

Valley View Hospital Debris Walls, Valley View Hospital, Glenwood Springs, CO (Structural Engineer: 2003)

Responsibilities included reinforced concrete analysis and design. Analyzed and designed a series of retaining walls to protect the medical office building at Valley View Hospital. Worked closely with a debris flow consultant who had constructed a computer model of the flow. Used results from model to determine lateral loads for wall design. Directed the completion of the construction drawings.

Railroad Tanker Car Washout Facility, American Soda LLP, Parachute, CO (Structural Engineer: 2003)

Performed reinforced concrete analysis and design for a concrete tank for the American Soda Bicarbonate plant. This tank and structure above allowed a train to place tanker cars above and then be washed out. Research was done to determine the correct loads to be used for large rail road cars. Prepared construction drawings.

Denver School Fire Recovery, SDA Church, Denver, CO (Project Manager: 2006)

Served as Project Manager for an old-school building that had been partially destroyed by an arsonist. The school was owned by a church congregation. Fostered cooperation between church members, architect, engineers, neighbors, elementary school officials, realtors, police, insurance agents, church officials, contractors, and city officials. Several of the contractors were specialty contractors such as asbestos removal contractors and many of the church members spoke only Spanish. Gathered information and presented options to church officials so they could see the best way to move forward.


Walla Walla University BS, Civil Engineering with a concentration in Structures


Professional Engineer: Colorado, Maryland, and Texas