Mechanical Engineering Inspections & Troubleshooting

Two mechanical engineers standing in front of electrical equipment


  • Protection of sensitive electrical equipment.
  • Elimination of nuisance trips.
  • Elimination of light flicker.
  • Electrical fire investigation.
  • Equipment voltage mismatch correction.
  • Owners representative.
  • Construction inspection.
  • Construction supervision.

Blue Line engineers partner with electrical contractors to diagnose and correct a wide variety of strange electrical problems.

Piece of electrical equipment to repair fire alarm set
Blown Cap


  • Repair of a fire alarm system that failed inspection. Discovered multiple wiring issues.
  • Protection of an x-ray machine that had failed twice within 5 years. Discovered a voltage mismatch and added surge protection against lightning.
  • Repair of a heater unit at a research laboratory that tripped offline when set to the "high" setting. Discovered a voltage mismatch between the available service and what the machine required.
  • Electrical fire investigation from a failed surge protection device. Discovered a grounding issue and previously unknown fault within the system.
  • Repair of an electric vehicle charging station that did not work properly. Discovered a voltage mismatch and a wiring issue.